Landlocked No Longer

I've made a bit of a leap in life recently, and have taken a hiatus from my job at Kyoto Japanese Restaurant and have relocated to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 

For those who haven't read my Chef Profile, I went to University for five years in Vancouver, BC. Canada is my second home, and I'm so excited to be back! Oh how I've missed happy hour buck a' shuck oysters. 

Over the next couple months I will be based out of Sooke, a town on the Southern tip of the Island, about an hour from Victoria. This part of the world has a remarkable tide-to-table culture; from sustainable farms to the wealth of restaurants they supply. These restaurants run the gamot from wharf side fish n' chips shacks to high end restaurants influenced by a myriad of culture's culinary traditions. 

Salmon, dungeness crab, prawns, abalone, oysters and clams are long associated with this region, and maintain centuries old relationships with the First Nations people. The salmon runs are known worldwide for their bounty and vital effect on the surrounding wilderness. 

Due to this, it is an unmatched resource for me to learn about seafood from every angle. It is my goal to visit hatcheries, markets and restaurants, speak with farmers and chefs, taste everything I can and write about it all.